Steampunk vs the Fairies

Adventures in Fey

Trouble at the Temple

When last we left our adventurers they had been pulled into Fey by an exploding portal stone. Our heroes found themselves standing on a stone platform at the edge of a forest. They found that a piece of the platform was missing for getting back home. Without their airship, and without their friends or resources, they needed to find a way to leave this place. Entering the forest, they were fired upon by elves. Sir Edward dispatched the elves with style. Or well, mostly with the forces of etherics. Then the group found themselves in an elven village. They were told that if they wanted one of the pieces they had to retrieve it from a temple on a hill.

On the hill they first found a series of statues that would shoot darts as the adventurers passed them. Irwin Perkins used his great physique to turn these so that they would not be so dangerous.

Past the statues, the group heard a whiffing and burbling sound. Soon the claws that catch were upon them, and the second challenge, a battle with a Jabberwock, was begun.

Baron Byron Green and Doctor Slough Feg Ackley made quick work of the Jabberwock, and the adventurers again began climbing to the peak.

Atop the peak was a temple with a storm ringing it. Inside the temple, the group found a pile of the stones needed to power the platform they had arrived on. When one was grabbed with the use of etherics, the storm struck. Sir Edward threatened the storm and was struck again. He proceeded to destroy the temple. The group ran from the imploding temple and advancing storm back to the platform. They stuck in the stone, and stepped in to the light hoping to end up somewhere better than their current location.


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