Steampunk vs the Fairies

Catching Up

(It’s been a while since the last game, so a recap)

Sir Edward’s crew emerged from the portal to Fey to find the forest they had landed in virtually destroyed by the explosion that grabbed them.

Amid the ruins, a radio was still working, playing a signal from the Royal Society to return immediately to London, broadcast over emergency channels.

The Unleaded was in too bad of shape to fly them out right away so they left it and rushed to the nearest town to catch the Green Line to London. On the train, the group was chased by a group of airships, which they managed to narrowly outrun on the way to London.

In London, the group spoke to Lord Lister, the president of the Royal Society who offered them a commission (complete with a full rework of the Unleaded) if they would help to stop incursions from Fey on the Continent.

The group agreed with this proposition, and the first order of business was to get the Unleaded back into flying shape. It arrived soon after Sir Edward’s crew. With the overhaul, the crew decided that a rechristening of their beloved airship was in order. The Iron Lady rose triumphant from the shipyards of London. She awaits orders from the Royal Society as to the destination of her maiden voyage.


Squishy_Mage Squishy_Mage

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