Steampunk vs the Fairies

Exerpt from The Journeys of Baron Green

Our Story So far

Looking to expand his empire yet further, Byron has found himself in a bit of a pickle in the outback dealing with some blasted Fey while in the company of his good friend Slough and some other hired men who seem capable as they are eccentric.

It would seem that this trouble has something to do with Mr. Greens old flame who just so happens to be none other than the Queen of Air and Darkness herself, Mab. After fighting off some fairies aboard the Lucitania and “gracefully” exiting a staring contest with his ex, The Baron and his cohorts found themselves bound for the Emerald Isle.

Arriving fashionably late as usual, the Unleaded’s crew find a grizzly scene before them, a mangle man strewn on the stone and wolf prints winding into the woods. With an expert tracker on the team the chase was on and wolf-man was quickly corralled. With the beast subdued and a potion of wolfs-bane administered the method of transformation was discovered along with the identity of the culprit. One of the Baron’s own men Geoffrey bent to serve the fey queen by means of a dog collar.

With a little research the crew discovered the nature of the ritual and rushed to stop its completion. A way was to be opened, a merging of the Fey realm and our own world across the expanse of the Isle. With practically no time left to find a proper way to disrupt the ritual, the esteemed Sir Fontleroy used his Etheric ways to tip one of the massive stones causing an incredible burst of light and…


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