Steampunk vs the Fairies

A FATE Core game at Clem’s Comics in Lansing, MI

The concept of our game is that our adventurers are pulp heroes at the turn of the twentieth century. They are paragons of science, fighting against the forces of the supernatural who are making incursions into our world and attempting to foment war between nations.

Our heroes are tasked by the Royal Society of London with missions around the world seeking out and stomping out incursions by supernatural forces. They reach their exotic destinations in the The Iron Lady, an airship built by Doctor Slough Feg Ackley and the others in the group from the wreckage of the Unleaded Zeppelin.

Some of our group travel in hopes of expanding their railroad empire, others in hope of finding fame and glory in self-published penny dreadfuls. Some of them just want hugs. And some want revenge for wrongs done by their creators.

Steampunk vs the Fairies

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