Steampunk vs the Fairies

At the Portal Stone

When last we left Sir Fauntleroy and his ragtag band of misfits, they had just been ambushed by changeling ninjas in the middle of the Black Forest. A portal stone had just erupted with light and the group had turned to rush into the clearing from which the burst had come.

In the clearing they found Seamus Kane, a lieutenant of Queen Mab. He stood in front of the open portal with 6 changeling ninjas. He himself carried a sword and looked supernaturally quick and ready to do some damage.

As the group atttempted to negotiate with Seamus, the ninja’s got a little too nervous, and attacked. Baron Green and Crow managed to trip one group up and mess them up a bit.

Seamus seemed drawn to Crow, who he appeared to know from the past. Fortunately, Irwin James Perkins knew just how to press buttons with the honorable Seamus to get him to commit to a wrestling match between the two.

Sir Fauntleroy tested some new methods of cleaning fey off of planet Earth, and learned that two fey cannot occupy the same space.

Once the majority of changelings were dispatched, Baron Green rushed at the wrestling Seamus and plunged a steel sword into him. Seamus screamed in pain at the iron touching him and ran throught he portal.

Sir Fauntleroy decided to use the old standard of Fire to clean up the last few changelings.

With the changelings dispatched, George Bob got to the task of trying to close the portal, but needed to get help from Sir Fauntleroy. Unfortunately for Sir Fauntleroy, his totally untested methods of diverting energy to the portal stuck it open and destroyed the stone. The portal now must be closed from the inside.

Into the Black Forest
Maiden Voyage of the Iron Lady

Just after the christening of the Iron Lady, the crew was summoned to the meeting chamber of the Royal Society.

Lord Lister explained that their services were needed in Germany at the Black Forest. The Iron Lady was packed for its maiden voyage, and the group headed off for Baden Baden at the edge of the forest.

As the Iron Lady was over the English Channel, a couple of Zeppelins appeared just ahead of it. The Iron Lady just managed to avoid the opening salvo from the zeppelins. Baron Green jumped on the Reverse Integration Cannon, and set one of the zeppelins aflame. Irwin James Perkins used a good vantage point to find where the hydrogen to fill the bag of the zeppelin was stored and relayed the information to Slough Feg who used one of the cannons on the Iron Lady to detonate the second Zeppelin which careened into the first.

The group landed in Baden Baden without further hassle. They met with George Bob, a scholar who needed their help stopping a portal stone in the Black Forest.

In the forest, the group was attacked a a small group of changelings. The group managed to outfight the wiry changelings. After the changelings were taken out, the group noticed that the uniforms that the changelings had been wearing demonstrated that they were members of the Celtic Society, but were rather low-ranking members.

The Portal Stone activated as the group was catching their breath, and now they must decide how to stop it.

Catching Up

(It’s been a while since the last game, so a recap)

Sir Edward’s crew emerged from the portal to Fey to find the forest they had landed in virtually destroyed by the explosion that grabbed them.

Amid the ruins, a radio was still working, playing a signal from the Royal Society to return immediately to London, broadcast over emergency channels.

The Unleaded was in too bad of shape to fly them out right away so they left it and rushed to the nearest town to catch the Green Line to London. On the train, the group was chased by a group of airships, which they managed to narrowly outrun on the way to London.

In London, the group spoke to Lord Lister, the president of the Royal Society who offered them a commission (complete with a full rework of the Unleaded) if they would help to stop incursions from Fey on the Continent.

The group agreed with this proposition, and the first order of business was to get the Unleaded back into flying shape. It arrived soon after Sir Edward’s crew. With the overhaul, the crew decided that a rechristening of their beloved airship was in order. The Iron Lady rose triumphant from the shipyards of London. She awaits orders from the Royal Society as to the destination of her maiden voyage.

Adventures in Fey
Trouble at the Temple

When last we left our adventurers they had been pulled into Fey by an exploding portal stone. Our heroes found themselves standing on a stone platform at the edge of a forest. They found that a piece of the platform was missing for getting back home. Without their airship, and without their friends or resources, they needed to find a way to leave this place. Entering the forest, they were fired upon by elves. Sir Edward dispatched the elves with style. Or well, mostly with the forces of etherics. Then the group found themselves in an elven village. They were told that if they wanted one of the pieces they had to retrieve it from a temple on a hill.

On the hill they first found a series of statues that would shoot darts as the adventurers passed them. Irwin Perkins used his great physique to turn these so that they would not be so dangerous.

Past the statues, the group heard a whiffing and burbling sound. Soon the claws that catch were upon them, and the second challenge, a battle with a Jabberwock, was begun.

Baron Byron Green and Doctor Slough Feg Ackley made quick work of the Jabberwock, and the adventurers again began climbing to the peak.

Atop the peak was a temple with a storm ringing it. Inside the temple, the group found a pile of the stones needed to power the platform they had arrived on. When one was grabbed with the use of etherics, the storm struck. Sir Edward threatened the storm and was struck again. He proceeded to destroy the temple. The group ran from the imploding temple and advancing storm back to the platform. They stuck in the stone, and stepped in to the light hoping to end up somewhere better than their current location.

Exerpt from The Journeys of Baron Green
Our Story So far

Looking to expand his empire yet further, Byron has found himself in a bit of a pickle in the outback dealing with some blasted Fey while in the company of his good friend Slough and some other hired men who seem capable as they are eccentric.

It would seem that this trouble has something to do with Mr. Greens old flame who just so happens to be none other than the Queen of Air and Darkness herself, Mab. After fighting off some fairies aboard the Lucitania and “gracefully” exiting a staring contest with his ex, The Baron and his cohorts found themselves bound for the Emerald Isle.

Arriving fashionably late as usual, the Unleaded’s crew find a grizzly scene before them, a mangle man strewn on the stone and wolf prints winding into the woods. With an expert tracker on the team the chase was on and wolf-man was quickly corralled. With the beast subdued and a potion of wolfs-bane administered the method of transformation was discovered along with the identity of the culprit. One of the Baron’s own men Geoffrey bent to serve the fey queen by means of a dog collar.

With a little research the crew discovered the nature of the ritual and rushed to stop its completion. A way was to be opened, a merging of the Fey realm and our own world across the expanse of the Isle. With practically no time left to find a proper way to disrupt the ritual, the esteemed Sir Fontleroy used his Etheric ways to tip one of the massive stones causing an incredible burst of light and…

On HMAS Lucitania
An Audience With The Queen

Sir Edward and his compatriots “gently” attached the Unleaded Zeppelin to HMAS Lucitania. When they boarded, they found a bunch of filthy fairies on board. Attempting to find the package they had been told was on board, they came across the Queen of Air and Darkness herself in the lower levels of the ship.

The Queen let them escape with the package, after a brief rapport with the Baron.

Once back on board the Unleaded Zeppelin, Sir Edward discovered the secret of the box. It was glamoured with a hint telling them to go to Ireland.

Battle on the Airship
Fairies Cause Trouble

When last we saw Sir Edward and his companions they had used the powers of Etheric Science to stop Jethro Kull’s dropbear scheme.

But in Kull’s house they found a letter sealed by the Queen of Air and Darkness calling for a “shipment” to be placed on the Lucitania.

Our heroes boarded the Unleaded Zeppelin and set out to track down the ship, when they were boarded by fairies.

The fairies managed to do some light sabotage, but Slough Feg managed to get everything put right just in time to find the Lucitania.


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