Steampunk vs the Fairies

At the Portal Stone

When last we left Sir Fauntleroy and his ragtag band of misfits, they had just been ambushed by changeling ninjas in the middle of the Black Forest. A portal stone had just erupted with light and the group had turned to rush into the clearing from which the burst had come.

In the clearing they found Seamus Kane, a lieutenant of Queen Mab. He stood in front of the open portal with 6 changeling ninjas. He himself carried a sword and looked supernaturally quick and ready to do some damage.

As the group atttempted to negotiate with Seamus, the ninja’s got a little too nervous, and attacked. Baron Green and Crow managed to trip one group up and mess them up a bit.

Seamus seemed drawn to Crow, who he appeared to know from the past. Fortunately, Irwin James Perkins knew just how to press buttons with the honorable Seamus to get him to commit to a wrestling match between the two.

Sir Fauntleroy tested some new methods of cleaning fey off of planet Earth, and learned that two fey cannot occupy the same space.

Once the majority of changelings were dispatched, Baron Green rushed at the wrestling Seamus and plunged a steel sword into him. Seamus screamed in pain at the iron touching him and ran throught he portal.

Sir Fauntleroy decided to use the old standard of Fire to clean up the last few changelings.

With the changelings dispatched, George Bob got to the task of trying to close the portal, but needed to get help from Sir Fauntleroy. Unfortunately for Sir Fauntleroy, his totally untested methods of diverting energy to the portal stuck it open and destroyed the stone. The portal now must be closed from the inside.


Squishy_Mage Squishy_Mage

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