Steampunk vs the Fairies

Into the Black Forest

Maiden Voyage of the Iron Lady

Just after the christening of the Iron Lady, the crew was summoned to the meeting chamber of the Royal Society.

Lord Lister explained that their services were needed in Germany at the Black Forest. The Iron Lady was packed for its maiden voyage, and the group headed off for Baden Baden at the edge of the forest.

As the Iron Lady was over the English Channel, a couple of Zeppelins appeared just ahead of it. The Iron Lady just managed to avoid the opening salvo from the zeppelins. Baron Green jumped on the Reverse Integration Cannon, and set one of the zeppelins aflame. Irwin James Perkins used a good vantage point to find where the hydrogen to fill the bag of the zeppelin was stored and relayed the information to Slough Feg who used one of the cannons on the Iron Lady to detonate the second Zeppelin which careened into the first.

The group landed in Baden Baden without further hassle. They met with George Bob, a scholar who needed their help stopping a portal stone in the Black Forest.

In the forest, the group was attacked a a small group of changelings. The group managed to outfight the wiry changelings. After the changelings were taken out, the group noticed that the uniforms that the changelings had been wearing demonstrated that they were members of the Celtic Society, but were rather low-ranking members.

The Portal Stone activated as the group was catching their breath, and now they must decide how to stop it.


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