The Iron Lady

Constructed from the remains of the Unleaded Zepplin, The Iron Lady uses the latest in Etheric Inverse Gravitational Drive technology to eliminate the need for a gas bag while increasing maximum speed capabilities and providing more space for modular compartments. The drive is however relatively untested and potentially unstable.

High Concept – Aerial Exploration Engine
Trouble – Unstable Etheric Drive
The Bar is Always Fully Stocked
It Also Goes Underwater
Commissioned by His Royal Majesty

Handling 2
Speed 4
Stealth 1
Gunnery 3
Structure 3

Sir Fontleroy’s Reverse Integration Cannon: Once per combat adds the aspect “Engulfed in Flames” to the target of a Gunnery attack. Can be recharged at the cost of 1 Fate Point.


  • Bridge
  • Lounge (Reasonable Martini)
  • Cabins (Tastefully Furnished)
  • Cargo Deck (retractable loading ramp, hidden compartments)
  • Brig (Cold Iron Bars)
  • Engine Room (emergency ether discharge)
  • Crows Nest
  • Modular Compartments

The Iron Lady

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